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Elen Sila Lumenn Omentielvo!
Witaj w Bag End

The valley in the ring of mountains
Green with the leaves of forest?s trees
Covered by golden rays of the sun
Keeps hearts and souls in joyful peace
House of the elves and Erond?s home
Mysterious, magic in some way
Full of beautiful elfish voices
Singing songs for all night and day
In night I?m standing in the garden
Listening to the waterfall
And to the voices of the silence
And thinking: do you hear my call?
Wind, night and fog surround me gently
The stars are shining on the sky
You left me without any word
Now please, just tell me, tell me why?
Why didn?t you give me any signal?
What did I do? What did I say?
You know I?ve never hurt you
I love you, in my heart you?ll stay
I?m standing in the light of moon
I?m in the wind, alone, i cry
Water sings silent song of sorrow
But silver harp?s music flies high
Maybe some day we?ll meet again
Maybe some day you?ll hear this voice
I?m falling into shadows, dreams
I haven?t got any other choice
Stars, moon and drops of crystal water
Rings of silvery and golden rays
Here, in the light of starry rain
I?ll wait for you until the end of days

Oh, please, forgive me, my sweet lady
I know how much I hurt you
I made a promise, I had to keep it
But my love for you was always true
Now everything will be good
The shadow from the east has gone
We?ll live in peace, in joy, in light
The war is ended, mission?s done
And now I?m back my star, my lady
I missed you. I won?t let you cry
My first, my last, my only love
Your eyes are brighter than sun on sky

I have forgiven you when I saw you
My lord, would you forgive me, too?
The war, it all happened so quickly
That I couldn?t push through.

Gwiazda Imladris

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